Studying in a Castle – two weeks in Edinburgh

How would you like to attend classes in a building like this… stroll the gardens when the sun comes out, nap (er… study) in the library when it’s rainy outside, drink 5 o’clock tea between lectures and 8 o’clock pints when class is over…?

Those of you who regurarly come back to this blog know my interest for (*obsession with) seminars, training, further education etc. I read about this Translation summer school in Metafrasi School of Translation Studies newsletter and thought I should share it:

Translation Research Summer School

Where?  Edinburgh 

When? 18 -29 June 2012

For whom? Candidates should normally hold the degree of Master of Arts or equivalent in a relevant subject, typically (but not necessarily) a humanities subject involving crosscultural studies; they should be proficient in English and should either have started or be actively considering research in translation and/or intercultural studies.

Deadline for applications: 30 April 2012

How much? For self-funded students the fee is £680. The fee covers access to library and computer facilities as well as tuition, course materials and refreshments. It doesnot cover travel, accommodation or meals. 

Now, wouldn’t that be a great idea combining research and travel? Aren’t you tempted? 🙂


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