4 untranslatable types of words in restaurant menus

There are many difficulties when translating food and beverage texts and there are many types of difficulties:

1. The very rare source word…..

Pitsu parsley sauce (source text: Πιτσού Μαϊντανού)

2. The… ungooglable  source word: (1 hit in Google Greece), impossible to find in any latin transcription (I tried countless versions before I found the right one: salikon, salicon, chaulicon, chalicaunte…….)

source text: Σαλικόν και Ροβίτσα με γαρίδες, μάνγκο και καβουρδισμένο κουκουνάρι σε βινεγκρέτ εσπεριδοειδών

La salicorne – Ce genre comprend de nombreuses espèces de détermination difficile (according to wikipedia). It is a kind of seaweed:

3. The very…. gourmet source words:

source text: Κοτόπουλο με λαχανικά, άρωμα πιτσίνι, maldon αλάτι.

I found Maldon crystal salt fairly easily, but the «pitsini» flavor could only be Bacon and cheese crisp flavor. How wrong is that???? Who would like to eat that, anyway?

And, finally, my personal favorite:

4. The untranslatable source word!

No, you can’t translate cupcakes! Nor angel food cakes or macaron. Fortunately κάπκεϊκς are just as delicious (though ugly in spelling) !


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