A new level of book-love!

ever since I discovered this new possibility for books I can’t stop thinking how to get my hands on one!!! This Kate Spade Emma book clutch is little more than $ 300 dollars, though, so I’d rather not fantasize too hard about obtaining it!

The Olympia Le-Tan versions are $ 800 more however, although tons more fabulous:

SO! I found some brilliant ideas for DIY and a very helpful tutorial in DIY Runway blog: hunt for the perfect hardcover edition of your favorite book (or not favorite, as you will have to destroy it eventually, so choose wisely) et voila!


There are step-by-step explanations and photos in the blog and it doesn’t seem too complicated.

Here’s a very pretty bow-instead-of-clutch version from Novel Style blog:

And there’s also a version of book clutch using an old purse from  See Kate Sew :

Are they not fabulous? You can also use them as a case for your e-reader, how metaphorically fantastic would that be?






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