International Frankfurt Book Fair 2015 basics

Frankfurt Book Fair is a yearly event for book professionals – publishers, agents, scouts, rights managers, translators and more! A major event for the literary world where deals are finalized, parties are thrown and hours are spent negotiating, book scouting, ideas generating! 🙂 THE place to be each October. Here’s the basics:

frankfurt book fair

OpeningThe first three days are restricted exclusively to trade visitors; the general public can attend on the last two.

Exhibitors: Over 7 000 exhibitors from more than 106 countries make Frankfurt the international hub of the publishing industry. 

Guests of Honor: Every year a special guest of honor  is chosen by the Fair organizers and a lot of events take place: readings, arts exhibitions, public discussion panels, theatre productions, and radio and TV programmes. A special exhibition hall is set up for the guest country, and the major publishing houses are present at the fair.  Guest of Honor 2015: Indonesia – 17.000 islands of imagination

NOTE The Indonesian Translation Grant Programms here.


Highlights: International Market Insights, Author interviews Freebies, the talk in the corridors and at cafe’s, visiting people you have only been talking  online. 

frankfurt bookfair

Self publishing events and opportunities

The beauty and the book award

DAM Architectural Book Award

Why Frankfurt? The history of the Frankfurt Book Fair dates back to the 15th century, when Johannes Gutenberg first invented movable type – only a few kilometres down the road from Frankfurt, in Mainz.

gutenberg museum

Gutenberg museum – Mainz

Visitors: 269 534 Visitors from 132 countries  in 2014

NEW This year: Food Fair within the Book Fair:  At the Gourmet Gallery in Hall 3.1, a large number of companies present their cookery and bakery books, wine guides, culinary travel guides, enhanced e-books and apps, as well as gift items and decorative ideas.


If you add the breathtaking beauty of Frankfurt and some of the delicious food described in Frankfurt Top 5 you can have a wonderful working holiday (be prepared for a lot of hard work, though, hours and meetings can be excruciating)!


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