The english version of my blog…

…is finally here! I have been thinking for a while that I wanted to have my English and Greek posts separate.

I have explored the possibilities and decided that it would be best to have 2 interlinking blogs.

english blog metaphrasi1

The other options for multilingual blogging where:

a) to have both  Greek and English in the same post and scroll up and down for each language. Even with page jumps I usually find it a bit frustrating, especially as Greek and English have a totally different alphabet.

b) To have an English language menu. I have tried this in my main site as you can see here but still it feels like a temporary solution.

d) with a plugin but these are available only for blogs ( I think ).

So I will be posting English language articles HERE 🙂

All you have to do is:

❤  add the English blog to your reader/feed ❤


 **** Visit the English blog via the main menu on the top of this page: ****

greek blog metaphrasi1


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